The British Centre (France) is here to help you trade internationally


Whether you are a UK company, or trading in another part of the world, we are here to help. Translation is often a “Cinderella service” in international trade, with companies not appreciating the importance of effective communication in another language. At the British Centre, all translation is human authored, by professional, target language native translators. Whether you need translation to be legally compliant on product packaging, to be technically accurate on a technical datasheet, to communicate an effective marketing message in your sales brochure, or an e-commerce website, we can help.

For many businesses the new financial year is a time to think about targets and budgets, business aims and objectives. If you are expanding internationally, now is a great time to talk to us about your translation requirements.

Our translation services include the following:

  • Marketing Translation :  including digital marketing translation, brochures, leaflets, and product packaging
  • Website translation : we translate and localise websites for leading companies and international organisations, helping you to engage effectively with an international audience
  • Label and packaging translation : we translate a wide range of product packaging and labelling, including fashion retail, food labels and packaging, medical labels and leaflets. Helping you to comply with international labelling requirements


We can help you trade effectively in world markets – with top quality professional translation

If there is ever a time to pick up the phone to discuss your translation requirements, now is the time, so call us on +44 (0)7444 189 620, or use our quick contact form : (Click here to open our Contact Form).

We have a special rate for BBC journalists